Get anything from a retouch to an extreme Photoshop makeover!

Retouch:  Blemish removal, skin tone evening, wrinkle erasing, eye brightening and feature highlighting. The same process used on celebrity photos to prep them for the magazines.  You'll look your absolute best.


Photoshop Surgeon Perfection Mask:  Perfect your facial proportions to align with the universal standard of beauty. Developed from examining the world's most beautiful people and case study polls with thousands of participants, the PhotoshopSurgeon Perfection Mask reveals the most beautiful version of a face.


Golden Ratio:  Ever wonder what you'd look like with the mathematical proportions of the golden ratio?  Find out!  Your features will be altered to precisely fit this undeniably compelling standard of beauty.


Transformation:  Radical changes!  Gender transformation, dramatic weight loss, muscle definition or augmentation, age reduction.  Your dream becomes reality.


Restoration: Save precious photos with scratches, water damage, washed out color!


Background Edit: Whether it's strangers in the vacation pictures, parked cars obscuring the storefront shot, or an ex in anything, unwanted background material can be removed as if it were never there at all.



After your purchase is completed, you'll receive instructions on how to submit your pictures.  From then, you'll receive your altered images in as few as 24 hours!


All images will remain completely confidential.  Your images will never be made publicly available unless you specifically state that you would like them to be featured on the Photoshop Surgeon YouTube channel. Terms.